Welcome to tejuino.mx

We design and develop

We are a digital studio located in Guadalajara México, focused on the design,
development of website and mobile apps.


Our Process

We develop projects based on standardized Software Engineering best practices, for each stage of the development process. In the analysis phase, we ensure that the needs and the client's objectives are fully understood.This is supported by the documentation records: Requirements document, concepts of operations, meeting minutes, diagrams and gant charts. Through agile development methodologies, we constantly monitor & communicate the project schedule and report progress to our clients.

Our Office
Guadalajara, Mexico.

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team, focused on the design and development of websites and mobile apps, formed by designers and developers. In web design, different things are considered, the perception of spaces and the planning of a concept start from a functional point. Add the correct visuals there, is to arrive at the correct result.