The importance of
design planning

We are Tejuino.mx, a multidisciplinary team located in Guadalajara, Mexico. We plan, design and develop custom digital projects for clients in Mexico and abroad, and we love doing it.


"Updated good practices and technologies are used in the internet industry, which helps create efficient, functional and secure web projects"




When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

Tejuino began in November 2012, in the search to build a project that will take care of the graphic design of an interface, in the same way that its functionality is taken care of. Both characteristics are equally important, and one should not precede the other. Usability and aesthetics must complement each other.


User needs and business goals

The designer must understand the commercial objectives of the brand and start from them to achieve the real result of the project. We create the developments that we would like to use. The platform, page or application in which we would like to navigate.


The way forward in our projects

Planning, before

Through agile development methodologies, we constantly monitor the project schedule and report advances to the client; the adjustments and new functionalities are analyzed and applied as soon as possible to avoid future impacts in the allotted time. The result of all of the above is a documented, robust, secure and scalable system.


Do you sell Tejuino?

Not yet. We are an agency formed by designers and developers, specialized in the development of custom digital projects.

Should I make an App or a Website?

The answer to this question depends on the project you have in mind. The best way to define this is to have a first session with the Tejuino team.

What kind of projects do you develop?

Websites, content managers, ecommerce and mobile apps. We develop projects based on standardized software engineering processes for each stage of development.

What implications does an ecommerce have?

Every project must have a first stage of planning to define its base structure and facilitate its scalability in future phases. In the case of an online commerce, select the virtual payment terminal to be used, consider the collection fees, selecting the shipping parcel and connecting to an inventory system are recommended starting points.

What do I need to start a project?

Define requirements. It is important to consider that separating your project into phases is a good practice. Start with a first version and enrich it as the business grows.

Do you design all your projects?

Yes we do.

Do you use templates or wordpress?

No, all projects are designed and developed from scratch.

Can you recommend a good Tejuino?

Let me google that for you... (see recommendations) https://lmgtfy.com/?q=tejuino

We have worked with...

Televisa Regional

We design and develop applications for different Televisa Regional offices, such as Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana.


We develop a web platform for catalog and order management, with connection to your internal inventory system.


With URREA we have developed more than 10 projects over several years.