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Products made in Mexico

A space created to gather Mexican talent in a single digital platform; visible and available to everyone.

Responsive website.

How does it work?

Espacio Mexicano is a marketplace that brings together Mexican talent in a single digital platform, seeking to connect local sellers and consumers. Focused on positioning, valuing and discovering online the art and design that Mexico has to offer.

Online Admin.

All our projects are custom developed and have an online content manager. In this case, the manager allows you to monitor the sales made through the platform, accept new sellers in the store and generate discount coupons, among other functions.


The platform has a connection to FedEx® to generate the shipping calculations and corresponding guides automatically, depending on the weight of the products that the user has purchased. Once a purchase is generated, both the end user and the corresponding sellers are notified.

Secure shopping

By selecting a product you will know its variants, place of manufacture within Mexico and image gallery. Your purchase is safe, you can make it directly with your credit card or using paypal.