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Dont Drink and drive,
use Safo!

Request a driver, anywhere and anytime, he will take you to your destination in your own car.

iOS and android app.

How does it work?

SAFO® is the App for iOS and Android with which you can find a driver, anywhere and anytime from your smartphone, which will be your destination in your car. You can start with your facebook account or create a new account with an email, as well as add more than 1 car, and select the one you want when requesting a driver. The choice of a destination, a travel fare and the data of your assigned driver. You can pay for each service from the app with your credit card, as well as redeem discount coupons and review the history of your trips whenever you want.


Online Admin.

All our projects are developed to measure and have an online content manager. In this case, the manager allows to monitor the trips, assign new drivers and co-pilots, as well as obtain reports of sales and use of the application easily.

Drivers App

SAFO® Driver, is the application for drivers. It has versions for driver and co-pilot. It allows the driver to receive or reject trips, as well as to know the details of the client and the car that will drive. Both applications were developed natively and have an online content manager.

Push notifications

Receive push notifications when your driver is about to arrive or a trip has been canceled.