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Enjoy the live channel

Televisa live broadcasts in the palm of your hand.

iOS and android app.

How does it work?

We work for Televisa Regional in 4 locations: Guadalajara, León, Tijuana and Monterrey. The application allows the user to watch the programming of the local channel live, as well as schedule reminders to not miss your favorite programs by receiving push notifications minutes before they start.

Online Admin.

All our projects are developed from scratch, and have an online content manager, which allows the client to modify images, text and general content of the application easily. In this case, the administrator allows the creation and programming of push notifications with personalized text, as well as adding programs, schedules and news.

Televisa Regional

The application was adapted to the needs of each region. It allows each city to manage their advertising and content independently.

Set Preferences

By indicating your preferences, the application can notify you when the contents of your interest are about to be transmitted.